Information for Consignors

To set up a consignment appointment, please call (856) 488-5866.
Please take a moment to read about our consignment process and policies. 
  • Consigned items remain in the store up to 3 months
  • If item sells, consignor receives 50% commission, mailed in check form at the end of the 3-month term
  • Consignor has the option to reclaim unsold items as long as it is done on a timely basis
  • Consignor has the option to donate unsold items to charitable organizations
How items are selected...
Please take the time to read the following criterion and sort your items accordingly before coming in to the store.  If possible, we also recommend that you visit our store to familiarize yourself with our pricing structure. Who knows --maybe you will even find something you like yourself!

We consign items by season only, items that are in perfect condition, and in current style...Designer labels only please.

Please note: Irina knows her what customers will like when looking through your items. Please understand that she is picking for our specific customer base and therefore may not choose to consign everything you bring in. We strive to find the best for our customers, and to maintain a high quality, boutique-like feel in our store.
Criteria for Clothing: 
  • Womens clothing, mostly (if you have designer mens' items, please consult with Irina before your appointment)
  • Sizes 00-24 -- we have customers of all sizes! 
  • Items must be on a hanger or folded neatly, free of stains, pills, and pet hair
  • Must have all buttons
  • No socks or under garments, new or used
  • No wedding or bridesmaid attire
  • Swimwear must be brand new
  • Cotton shirts and tees of higher value only
  • Shoes should not be scuffed, stained, or creased
  • Better brands only
Handbags: please note: unless you have an authenticity certificate or an original receipt, it may be difficult to price your item as authentic. Please tell our staff whether or not your item is real or fake at drop off, and approximate year and price of purchase.


Jewelry: should be designer costume, or semi-precious stones, gold, or sterling